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US Products Parts Manuals

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Dual Surface Machines
  Advantage 1200 120V    
  Advantage 1200 240V    
  HydraPort 1200    
  King Cobra 1200 Pro    
Heated Carpet Extractors
  Advantage 100H Extractor     
  Advantage-400H Extractor    
  Advantage 500H    
  Cobra-300H Extractor 100V    
  Cobra-H Extractor 120V    
  Cobra-H Extractor 240V    
  King Cobra 500    
  PEX 500, PEX 500-CSA, PEX 200    
  Pex 500-C-Tick    
  PEX 500-SM    
  Predator CXC100    
  Predator CXH100    
  Solus 310R    
  Solus 500     
  Solus 500R    
Restoration Equipment
  Flood King    
Self-Contained Carpet Extractors
  Agitator 16 Clean & Restore    
  Agitator 18 Clean & Restore    
  CMX-20 Rotary Extractor    
Wet/Dry Vacs
  Triple-Play Spotter    
  The Ultimate: PB111 Extractor     
  XLT-60 Extractor    


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