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Moving Into the Future With Prochem Kärcher Group

Prochem Kärcher Group is a leader in the professional carpet and fabric care industry as a result of establishing a superior standard of quality and performance bolstered by a relentless dedication to strive for advancement in design and technology. Prochem Kärcher Group has set the industry standard for over thirty years, across the country and around the world.

Our Commitment... to quality, our customers, and your success...

Prochem Kärcher Group is committed to continuing this trend as we move into the future with ongoing research and development to bring forth even better, more efficient equipment and technology to help you achieve your goals in your business endeavors. We invite you to explore this catalog and learn more of the availability of our powerful, thorough, efficient and profitable machinery.

The Manufacturing Edge...

Prochem Kärcher Group is a manufacturer that regards quality engineering as a top priority. There is never a compromise in manufacturing standards or choice of component parts. Our finished machines are the combined result of the fine design, meticulous testing, and uncompromising manufacturing. Years of mechanical study and in-field testing have resulted in a time-proven, top quality choice for maximum cleaning extraction equipment that is unsurpassed to date.

Philosophically our goal is to build to the customer’s needs. Professional cleaners are looking for performance, not compromise. They are looking for uptime, not downtime. They are looking for low maintenance, fuel-efficient, user-friendly machines that are easy to operate. That is why our philosophy is to build to the customer’s needs.

The physical aspect of our commitment to excellence covers everything from initial design and engineering, to prototype testing and manufacturing. These aspects are what create the features and equipment attributes that are unique to Prochem Kärcher Group machines, and sets them apart from others in the industry.

No one has a greater interest or investment in a Prochem Kärcher Group product than Prochem Kärcher Group! That’s why we won’t risk compromising quality or design integrity. Prochem Kärcher Group has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer controlled fabricating equipment, enabling us to bring equipment, tools, and accessories to the cleaning industry that are unsurpassed in performance, quality and reliability.

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